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Cylinder Case - Pad Stampings

Enthusiasts have differing views as to the enjoyment of classic Corvettes.  For some, functionality is the critical issue while others see their cars as antiques in the shape of automobiles.  Both are legitimate approaches with neither having more enjoyment value than the other!

For the latter group the cylinder case is probably the most critical item among factory installed components.  And stamp pads are fundamental to the affirmation of St. Louis installed Corvette engines. 

Correctly evaluating a cylinder case stamp pad requires extensive knowledge and experience. Doing this accurately can be challenging considering the sometimes confusing presence of aberrations and exceptions. Even a limited study of cylinder case stampings shows this to be true - without the aid of objective support. Until the compilation of the huge Master Library (Many multiple thousands of examples) it was extremely difficult to make consistently accurate evaluations!  However, with this asset in place, objective and accurate affirmations of Classic Corvette engine pads have become a reality!

To demonstrate the value of an objective, data based approach, a group of Corvette engine pad images was recently presented on this page. An open invitation was offered for all to Email opinions as to which examples were thought to be legitimate. The images were in place for a number of weeks and many responses were received. Every submission was individually answered and given their score. The over all results have been eye popping and truly confirm the need for an objective approach if engine pad stampings are to be taken seriously. The average of the total for all respondents was 47%.  This is a lower percentage than the expected average of blind guessing, which theoretically should have been 50%. There were no perfect submissions!

We hasten to make the point that the purpose of this exercise has not been - to frustrate or ridicule.  Rather, the purpose has been to demonstrate just how challenging it is in reality to accurately affirm factory issued cylinder cases without objective support. 

Because the challenge of the initial group of pads was so well received, a new set of examples has been included below. Images are from cars publicly displayed at major events and from examples that have been used in technical seminars given across the country. To vote your opinion in response to the six pad images below follow this procedure. Based on the image of the specific engine pad under consideration, does it represent the factory installed cylinder case for that car? Send your answer in the form of an Email to  

Number examples 1 through 6 and indicate Y for factory installed engine or N for non-factory installed engine.  CCAS, LLC will answer every Email individually and report the percentage of correct responses. Please note that no reference or reply will be made regarding specific examples.






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